Thursday, 27 August 2015


Since becoming a full time administrator, I haven't posted anything but that's a good thing! However, it's time for a brief recap and an updated resume.
I've had the pleasure to work with two acclaimed German documentary filmmakers, Jobst Knigge and Michael Gregor, for their documentaries about Stalin's Daughter and theories of falsifications of classic art, respectively. I did the line producing and contacted New York/US based interview partners, among them the daughter of George Kennan and Dr. Jerome Eisenberg of Royal Athena Galleries.
Furthermore, I've been keeping up the translation work for AmazonCrossing, and just recently finished my third German-English literary translation. The New York Times became a client last year and I sometimes proofread and check Spanish-English translations.

And here's my updated resume:


Administrator, translator, producer with the German equivalent of a Master’s Degree
Excellent coordination, strategic, multi-tasking, and customer service skills
Fluent in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and French (verbal /written), basic Hebrew


Administrative Work
Member Services Coordinator, The Explorers Club New York

Media Work
Writer, director, and producer of numerous TV documentaries that aired on major channels in the US and Europe (between 2000 and 2014)
Writer of a vast variety of long radio features, essays, and reviews on film and art for print magazines, newspapers, and online publications in the US, Europe, and Argentina       
Extensive research experience in film archives, museums, libraries, and other institutions
Location scouting in New York, Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Africa and Canarian Islands
Media consultant for the 2010 Cinema Tropical Awards
Project manager for Candice Breitz’s New York, New York, a Performa09 commission

Fiction translator from German to English and English to German (ongoing since 2012)
Translator of a wide range of non-fictional texts for individual persons or companies (English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French)
Proofreading, editing, and quality control

Teaching and Academia
Invitational lectures on current affairs at German educational institutions
German tutoring to both adults and children
Tour guide of self-developed tour “Literary New York”, in New York
Assistant teacher with Wortspiele Brooklyn and City Kinder New York
Processing grant applications at the New York DAAD office (German Academic Exchange Service)

Friday, 7 February 2014


A documentary by Michael Gregor and produced by doc.station Hamburg about the origins and legacy of the Chachapoya tribe in Amazonia will air on Arte on March 8, 2014 (Chachapoya - Karthagos vergessene Krieger) and on PBS on April 2, 2014 (Secrets of the Dead).

I did the line-producing for the New York shooting and interviewed one of the experts.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

A very happy 2014!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Love and the Cities

My friend Jessica Talbot has launched a website to accompany her book Hummingbird that she is about to finish. The site is dedicated to stories about finding a place called home, and she has invited me to contribute as a guest writer: Love and the Cities.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Revolte im Theatersaal

My latest translation hits the Kindle Single Store tomorrow: Revolte im Theatersaal (Wild in the Seats by James Wolcott) looks back on 100 years of Rite of Spring, in German.

Monday, 16 September 2013


I'm currently translating James Wolcott's Kindle Single The Gore Supremacy, his homage to Gore Vidal.
My translations so far - missing in this list is S.G. Redling's Flowertown plus the forthcoming thriller Blood Stained, by CJ Lyons.

Die Amerikanische Nacht

Für die deutschen Leser: Letzte Woche erschien der neue Roman von Marisha Pessl im S. Fischer Verlag. In New York war ich für die Organisation des Drehs von Trailer und diesem Online-Spiel mit verantwortlich: Amerikanische Nacht

I organized the shooting of the German trailer for Marisha Pessl's new book, Night Film, in New York.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


My translation into German of S.G. Redling's "Flowertown" (Die Sperrzone) is now available on

Over the past months I've been translating Kindle Singles from Nelson DeMille, Rick Marin, Jonathan Biss, and Michael Famighetti. 

I just started with Mark Obbie's "God's Nobodies - Misguided Faith and Murder in the Life of One American Family."